new lifeThere is an American phrase that is used quite often to express that you can’t change or shouldn’t expect life to be any different than what you’re currently experiencing: “It is what it is.”
The problem with this common expression is that it is a lie. Jesus didn’t come to keep the status quo going. He didn’t come to just make a way to heaven either. He came to save us, not just from eternal separation from God, but from ourselves! He came to change our lives so we could stay in and enjoy the presence of the Father right now, as well as tomorrow and all the way into eternity.

It’s our lie-contaminated brain that destroys our joy. It’s the resulting sin-stained character that makes the choice to leave the presence of God. Life only stays the same or repeats itself if we choose to not listen to and follow Jesus everyday everywhere. Yet, if we do, the Spirit of God will change our life.
Today isn’t what it is. Today is about living and loving Jesus, the One who called Himself “the Life.” A changed life will come as we love Jesus and get better at using our biblical tools to hear Him throughout our day. You should expect your life to be different for having followed Jesus. If not, who are you listening too? Hopefully not your enemy quoting this silly American phrase.
S“E”t Free Nowww

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