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jesuseyeLess than 10% of Jesus believers around the world know how and/or practice listening to and following Jesus every day everywhere in community (John 10:27).
Therefore, I’m asking you to partner with me in helping every believer lead a secure, significant and satisfying life through a closer walk with Jesus; and, in continuing to train increasing numbers of believers how to make more and healthier Jesus disciples (Matthew 28:18-20).
You can partner with me in one of three ways. One, pray that the 10% grows to 100% through the Spirit getting these biblical tools into the hands of those He desires. The Lord led me to make available the Discipleship Training Center: Facilitator’s Guide, the Bible Impact Group Cards (feel free to download and print it) and my books at little or no cost to those with limited resources, such as individuals and Christian ministries.
Two, share with those in your sphere of influence (Acts 10:24), including your congregational leaders, how the Spirit has drawn you closer to Jesus through a healthier faith using these biblical tools. Then either purchase them a book or encourage them to purchase one for themselves.
Finally, purchase any of my materials, make a donation via the Online Store tab or click the Books and Donations Button below or make a donation by check for any amount. If you make a donation, you’ll receive a gift copy of either of my books as my way of saying, “Thank you,” for your partnership. Your purchases and/or donations allow me to hold seminars, make these materials available, and disciple current and future leaders.
Please make your donation via check payable to New Hope mailed to:
New Hope Community Church
Attn: MTaSF
31542 Railroad Canyon Rd. #1
Canyon Lake, CA, 92587 USA
Your donation is tax-deductible as New Hope Community Church is a registered non-profit corporation in the State of California and a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization.
I can’t thank you enough for your partnership in making more and healthier Jesus disciples around the world!


Books & Donations

Books Donated:
Ministries: 149
Individuals: 90
Teacher’s Guides Donated: 20
BIG Cards Donated: 600

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