An objects value is based on the amount someone will pay for it.

“A father said to his daughter “Here is a Jeep I bought many years ago. It’s pretty old now. But before I give it to you, take it to the used car lot downtown and tell them I want to sell it. See how much they offer you for it.”

“The daughter was offered $1,000. She did the same at the local pawn shop, which offered her $100. Each told her basically the same thing, “It’s old and worn out.”

“Her father then said take it to the Jeep club. When she returned she told him, “Some people in the club offered $100,000 for it because ‘it’s an iconic Jeep and sought by many collectors.’”

“Her father told her, ‘Those who know your value are those who appreciate you. Never stay in a place where no one sees your value.’”

Your Heavenly Father placed great value on you. He sent Jesus to purchase the debt you could never pay.

So why listen to any voice that doesn’t value you the way your Father does? Why let any thought stay in your head that doesn’t agree with how He sees you?

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Change is Normal

Yesterday is the past. Today is the present. Tomorrow is potential.

We all dislike change. We like our comfort zones. Because they’re comfortable, right?

Change, however, for the believer should be the norm, rather than the exception. In fact, the very biblical definition of the word “church” means to move towards Jesus together with other Jesus believers.

Moving toward or becoming more like Jesus is another way of saying change. We’re becoming like the one we are following (aka the definition of disciple) by leaving ourselves behind and allowing the Spirit to transform our lives into Jesus.

Jesus has taken care of yesterday’s mistakes. He is walking with us today so we can experience all that He has for us today and tomorrow – Him.

Therefore, as those who love Jesus, instead of fearing change, we should embrace it by faith.

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Days of Discernment

“Discernment is not knowing the difference between right and wrong, but between right and almost right.” C.H. Spurgeon

While hiking on Maui, my wife and I saw a cobweb swaying across our path as it hung from a tree.

The sunlight hit the cobweb at the right angle to expose its presence. If we weren’t paying attention, though, we would have gotten a face full of spider spinning!

The days in which we live are “interesting” to say the least. In order to stay on the path that leads to life changing freedom, you must have the ability to tell the difference not just between right and wrong, but also between right and almost right.

Do you have the ability to see through your adversary’s webs of slightly off the truth (2 Peter 2:1) to stand on the truth that will set and keep you free, even though it may bring persecution?

Stay close to the truth, Jesus. Stay in the Word of God, Jesus. Keep getting better at hearing His voice, not a favorite teacher, a self-proclaimed prophet or an inspiring pastor.

Let His light shine on the adversary’s dangerous cobwebs. It’s the only way to avoid them.

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“If you’re going to follow Jesus, you will change.” Johnny Cash

The game of baseball has changed. This is no more seen than how infielders play their positions. Normally, you have a 3rd baseman and shortstop on the left side of the infield and a 2nd and 1st baseman on the right.

Depending on the batter’s tendencies, though, the 3rd baseman could be in the shortstop’s normal slot while the shortstop, 2nd and 1st baseman are loaded up on the right side of the diamond.

Why? The odds are that the batter will hit the ball to the right side, giving the defense a better chance of getting the batter out, which increases their chance of winning.

Who makes the decision? The manager.

The way “church” (a group of people moving toward Jesus together) is done is also changing. Doubt me? Remember the closed church buildings and rise of streaming services during the Covid shutdowns of 2020? Review the recent pictures of crosses from buildings along with believers with bible apps on their phones being burned in Afghanistan.

Who decides how church should be done? Jesus. It’s His church.

Where and how believers gather is not as important as the gathering of believers becoming more like Jesus and then sharing Him with those who need Him – regardless of how that might look.

Jesus never changes, but His methods in drawing us closer to Him while defeating the enemy sure do.

Sitting and hearing a concert (worship music) and a rousing speech (sermon) may not be the winning strategy in the days ahead.

Be willing to let Jesus position you, even if it might be out of your comfort zone.

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“The future is as bright as God’s promises.” William Carey

Did Carey have in mind what the prophet Habakkuk saw?

Habakkuk saw fig trees without blossoms, which meant no hope of a harvest, no grapes on the vines, olives in the trees, or wheat and barley in the fields regardless of his best efforts (3:17-19).

Despite the fact that he saw no ability to pay his bills or feed his family, he was a victor.

How? He knew his God was his salvation. God had come through again in the past. And, he knew the LORD would come through in the present, despite what his eyes fed his brain.

He saw past what he could see to the One who could see past what he could see. He trusted in the Scriptural promises the Spirit did put down on paper for him to see.

What you might be seeing in your personal life, your state, or your country may not be too bright at the moment. Jesus, however, is the light that can brighten up any moment, if only you focus on the promises He’s given you.

You are a victor not because of your circumstances, but in spite of them. Where’s your focus – on what is not or on the One Who is?

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