more water“No, the peaches are falling!” Our peach tree is loaded with peaches, but they’re not maturing. We pruned the tree in the fall and again in the summer to make sure the peaches are getting plenty of sun light. We watered in the fall and turned off the water in the summer, which we were told to do and have dutifully done. Still, the fruit stops growing and falls to the ground before they’re ready to eat.
Something wrong with the tree? Nope, it’s the tree growers again. We were given bad advice! We pruned correctly, but the watering should have been reversed. The peaches are not ripening as they need more water, not less, as they mature! Bad advice led to great looking fruit, but nothing we could eat. The only thing we raised were our hopes.

Again, fish don’t know their wet. We only knew what we knew and what we knew was wrong, which led to no peaches to eat. Each of us needs a source of truth outside ourselves to expose the lies in our thinking, no matter who or how noble the intentions were in putting them there. A lie is still a lie, which always teases you with good looking fruit, but leaves a nasty taste when finally eaten. It raises and dashes your hopes at the same time.
We need a constant flow of the Word of God, the source of truth, not just when life gets hot either! We must listen to Jesus in His Word so He can tell us what truths we’ll need in our shields of faith to keep our adversary’s lies from even entering our brains and continually along the way to produce the sweet fruit we long too taste. How is your listening to Jesus coming along in your BIG reading?
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