Focus on Victory Not Defeats

stay in the momentAn NFL quarterback passes on an important lesson about mistakes. “It had been my mistake. Instead of kicking myself or replaying the interception (not a good thing!), I focused on the task at hand. One thing you learn quickly is that great quarterbacks must have short-term memories when it comes to things like this. Good or bad, you have to be able finish a play, push it aside, and move on to the next one. You can never let a play from the past affect the present. Your job is stay in the moment.”
Jesus has taken care of our past – it’s forgiven. Jesus has taken care of our future – we’ll be like Him. Our job is to stay focused on Him in the present. We’ll make mistakes on our journey to allow the Spirit to replace our sin-stained character with the purity of Jesus’. When this happens we can either waste time beating ourselves up, which means will continue to make mistakes (i.e. take our drugs of choice). Or, we can “fail forward,” which means to learn from our mistakes so we can get up and experience victory right now by Exercising the truth by faith.
Practice today having a very short-term memory. Let go of your mistakes by learning from them so you can stay in His presence and experience victory in the moment.
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