tastes greatIs what you’re hoping to hear when you hand something you made to someone else to taste test for you. You might even close your eyes as you hand it to them as you’re not sure you’re ready for their response.
Jesus said we are to bear fruit. He is the vine and we are the branches. Even though the branches bear the fruit (though the juices for that fruit come form the vine not the branch), they don’t get to taste it! http://www.floridateetimesinc.com/Courses/Debary/debary.html

In biblical days, the vine grower would take one pass through his ripening vineyards. He decided what was done with the fruit, not the branch. After this initial harvest, the poor and foreigners living in the land got the next shot at the vines. Everyone, but the branch, got to eat the grapes!
Jesus is the branch. We are the branches. He expects our lives to bear fruit (see John 15). He expects the Father and those around us to enjoy what they taste in our lives. This enjoyment is Jesus as it is His juices that should be flowing through us as He cuts off our character and replaces it with His. This great exchange takes place each day we use our biblical tools to better hear from and follow Jesus everyday everywhere.
Hopefully, people who taste your life are saying, “Wow that sure tastes good!”
“Set Free Nowww”

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