Cool, God wants your fat!

Did you know that God loves fat? It’s true. In the animal sacrifices of Leviticus, God wanted all the fat surrounding the organs. When it came to a burnt and sin offering, He also wanted the animal’s head. Leviticus 3:16,17, “The priest shall burn them on the altar as food, an offering made by fire, a pleasing aroma. All the fat is the Lord’s. …You must not eat any fat or any blood.”
Did you also know that our brains are 60% fat? Romans 12:2 states that changing lives start with a change between the ears (“be transformed by the renewing of our mind”). If you want to be closer to Jesus, you’ll need a biblically-based truth to filter to expose the lies in your thinking so you can exchange them with truths found in God’s Word.
Do you see the connection between Tenach (OT) sacrifices and NT changed lives? When it came to sin sacrifices, God wanted the head and the fat completely burned. They were His. If you want to stop sinning, thereby not needing a sin sacrifice, you need to give Him the fat between your ears – your brain. As you do this, you will be a “living sacrifice pleasing to God.”
Healthy believers will trust and listen to the living Word of God every day. Every word is put there for a reason. One of those reasons is to show us that God wrote the entire Book. As such, we can trust it with our daily decisions.
If you are to have a daily healthy faith, not just one on Sunday, you will filter all the information your brain receives through Him using the truths found in God’s Word (a Biblical worldview). As you do, you’ll get closer to Jesus and experience greater peace.
And the blood? As you learn to live with a biblically-based truth filter (giving Him the fat), you’ll need the blood (so don’t eat it!), as the blood provides forgiveness (Heb. 9:11) for the mistakes you’ll make in being a “living sacrifice.”
Isn’t that cool?

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