Keep Your Helmet On

In the movie X-Men, the character Magneto wears a helmet to protect him from Xavier who could read people’s thoughts. Magneto wanted to keep Xavier out of his head.
This is an illustration of what living with a Biblical worldview does. It keeps your enemy out of your head! The main method Satan uses to attack believers is by trying to influence their thinking. He is a liar and all can he speak are lies (John 8:42-44).
If the believer in Jesus wants to defeat their enemy, they must put on the same kind of helmet Magneto wore. In this case, it’s the helmet of salvation (Eph. 6:13,17). This is the Secure because I’m God’s child principle. God loved before you believed, what will make Him love you less when you mess up after becoming His child (Rom. 5:8)? The moment you put your faith in Jesus, God radically changed you. You can now think and choose correctly (2 Cor. 5:17; Rom. 6:11-13). At the point of belief, God came to live inside you (Eph. 1:13-14). You are loved. You can live right. You have the Power inside to have victory over your drugs of choice.
Satan would love for you to beat yourself up over slipping. “You’re unloveable. You will always make stupid choices. You can’t win, so quit playing.” All of these are lies. Don’t let him inside your head. Keep your helmet on!
This takes truth-based mental toughness. Are you going to filter out those lies or will we let them in and roll around in your head? Will we focus on hearing Jesus’ voice or the lies of our enemy? Victory requires mental toughness. Remember keep your helmet on! You are loved. You can make right choices. You can win!

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