Don’t Judge Your Insides by Other’s Outsides

I love what a friend told me today, “Don’t judge your insides by other’s outsides.” We need other believers to help us practice processing our daily lives through God’s Word to find love and peace today.
Yet, we often avoid others because of our own insecurities. We see their outside of what appears to be a happy, well-adjusted, going places person. Compared to that, what can you do? You’re fighting to process your disappointments and/or failures. Your insides are telling you to hide because you don’t measure up to their outsides.
This is a lie-based message that must be filtered out. Satan wants you to think that your challenges are unique and that those around you are doing just fine. Maybe. The Bibles says every one of us has areas in our lives that the Spirit wants to change into Christ-like character (1 Cor. 3:10-15).
Some people hide their insides behind a false outside; while other’s outsides are quite real. The person you’re looking could be in a fruit bearing season. I have a grapevine in my backyard. This winter it looked dead. It had no green leaves or juicy fruit. Yet it was alive alright. In fact, right now it has quite a few grape clusters!
Some are in grape bearing season, while others are in dead of winter. Don’t judge your insides with other’s outsides. You need them to pull you forward; because one day, you’ll be pulling them forward. Hiding hurts both of you. So let’s be real with other believers so they can pray for our lives to produce juicy fruit!

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