Hectic or Holy Life – It’s Your Choice

As we head into the weekend, how was your personal time in the Word? Have a hard time making time to listen to Jesus? The following is a quote from Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s current Prime Minister, who holds weekly Bible studies in his home.
“The Bible is the foundation of our existence. It unites the Jewish people, as it has throughout the generations. It also serves not only as a foundation but also as a map and compass. The Bible is always relevant vis-à-vis today’s problems and challenges. It inspires, it is a source of life for our people and it is important to expand Bible study and love of the Bible among all parts of the nation.”
What an awesome understanding of the importance of the Word of God! He isn’t the first Israeli Prime Minister to do this either. Menachem Begin also held such studies when he was Israel’s Prime Minister.
There is even a wonderful story about Begin as it relates to the Bible. History records that President Jimmy Carter once called when Begin was holding a study. Begin wouldn’t leave it to take Carter’s call. This was the President of the United States on the line! Begin was doing something more important that couldn’t wait. Now, how is that for setting proper priorities?
If your time in the Word this week was sporadic at best or very little to none at worst, what kept you from listening to Jesus? Satan feeds us all kinds of excuses (some good, some better) as to why we can’t spend time with Jesus. Were your excuses, I mean reasons, as important as ignoring the US President? If you didn’t spend much quality time with the Word, have you processed the “why not” through the FREEdom principles? If you don’t, you’ll fall for the same excuses next week.
If your hectic life is keeping you from the Word, you can’t live a holy life: a life of experiencing the goodness of the Lord. It’s your choice – hectic or holy?

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