Who’s Your Walking Partner?

At New Hope yesterday many asked how I was doing. I kept saying, “I’m hanging in there” until finally when asked one more time I said, “You know, I’m not just hanging in there. I’m processing right now. I remember what my friend said in their final note. I’m filtering out the junk and focusing on what the Lord is teaching me through it.” The surprising thing was that this person told me that their father died in the same exact why my friend did. We were able to mutually encourage each other at that point. It felt good to be transparent.
The battle wasn’t over yet. This morning I was able to continue to process my friend’s passing with my Bible Impact Group. Afterwards, I went to the office and still felt like heading to my drug of choice when I picked up that 1,000 lb. phone and texted my other BIG partners asking them to pray for me. They did and I finally snapped out of it.
I’m doing much better thanks to those who are walking with me. There is a saying that goes something like this, “We can run faster alone, but we can walk further together.” There are times the Spirit will give us victory all by Himself. There are other times, however, the Spirit uses other believers to help us get the upper hand.
If only my friend would have processed what was going on in their head with me or some other believer who was in their life. If my friend did, they would still be around to share more victorious moments together. We need each other if we want to be victorious over our drugs of choice/enemy. I was told by my friend’s family that my friend just held things to themselves. One of the tools Jesus gives us for victory is other believers. This journey was never meant to be walked alone. We can hide and lose or be transparent and win. It’s your turn to pick up that phone or text back that you are praying.
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