Harder Path Makes You Stronger

On one of the paths I take when I prayer walk in the hills behind my house is a little dirt berm. A farmer put it there to keep people from dumping their trash on his property.
When I come to the berm I have two choices. I can take the easy but longer way by walking around it. Or, I could take the harder and shorter way by walking directly up and over it. The easy path is flat and takes little effort. The harder path has an incline and takes a little strength.
What are you going to do when your enemy or your current situations draw out the junk thoughts from your memory? Take the easy path and head to your drug of choice? Or will you take the harder path by filtering them out of your head and replacing them with the truth using the FREEdom process? Will you take the easy way in your own strength and lose or will you talk the harder path and ask for help from the Spirit of God and the people of God and win?
The easy path is easy for a reason. You can handle it on your own! How’s that going for you? The harder path forces us to depend upon Someone and someones other than ourselves. It is, however, the harder path that brings victory and makes us stronger. I only wish my friend had walked over the berm and called me.

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