Washed by the Word

I love being next to the ocean and not just because of the cool breezes either. As a kid, I would write in the sand only to have the water erase what I just wrote. The water washed away my misspellings and the words that were not expressing what I wanted to say.
This reminds me of what the Word of God can do with the lies in our heads, lies that lead us away from Jesus. As we read the Word, the Spirit can wash our brains of these lies so that we can have victory throughout our day (Eph. 5:25-26).
If you want victory, it’s wash’n time. You’ve got to read the Word so the washing can begin. All excuses that you don’t have time to read are just that, excuses. Then, once you’re in the Word, slow down and don’t make your Bible reading a to-do list item to be checked off. Instead, read the Word and let the Spirit point out truths that you need to wash away the lie-based messages in your head. As you allow the Word and Spirit of God to wash your brain, your victories will increase.

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