Ground Truth not Christian Clichés

I once read that “there is something about the prospect of mortal combat that causes men who must lead other men into danger to be candid and truthful. Up the chain of command, politics might enter into the equation but not at the troop level. This is called “ground truth,” which is “US military slang that describes the reality of a tactical situation as opposed to what intelligence reports and mission plans assert the reality to be.” When it comes to life and death decisions, soldiers on the ground need ground truth, not theory.
As believers who live in enemy territory we need ground truth, not theory. If we want to experience victory over our drugs of choice and see the Spirit replace our ineffective character with Christ’s we need biblical truth, not useless Christian clichés.
I often hear well meaning Christians respond to someone who’s in the midst of a battle with comments like: “Let go and let God.” “Just surrender to Jesus.” And among others, “Lay it at the feet of Jesus.” My heart screams, “Are you kidding me? How do you let go and let God? Does “surrendering to Jesus” (whatever that means) all of a sudden cause the battle to cease? We all know it doesn’t.
So let’s make a commitment to use our biblical worldview with each other. Let’s encourage each other by listening to and watching each other to discover the lie(s) in our thinking. Once there, let’s be ready to offer truths at the point of the lie we’ll need to lay the lie at the feet of Jesus and then surrender to the truth Jesus has for us. Then and only then can we let go and let God change our lives.
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