Something to Think About

imageI want you to think about something as we head into a new year. Will you look more like Jesus after 2013 than you did after 2012? You’ll look more like someone or something in a year. The question is who or what? Like you or Jesus? Like the world and it’s system or Jesus? You will be transformed/molded by a biblical worldview or Satan’s worldview. The only question will be is, which one? It’s your choice, no one else’s.
People are watching our lives. It’s my prayer that they’ll be seeing more of Jesus in us in the coming days. This will take learning to hear His voice, which is primarily done through reading His Word. Take the 2013 challenge to read through the Bible in a year. Learn to just read and listen to Him, not understand everything you read. As you do this you will definitely learn how to listen to Him throughout your day in order to do what He shows you, which means you’ll be more like Jesus. You know, this is how He lived live (Jn. 5:19).
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