Truth Over Tradition

wisemen at mangerMovies have three wisemen showing up right after Mary gives birth. Church Nativity scenes have three non-shepherds kneeling before baby Jesus, who’s in a manger. Christmas carols portray three kings with flowing robs and interesting hats bowing before a baby Jesus. So it must be true, right?
This is all Christian tradition, but it has nothing to do with the truth. Reread Matthew 2. In here you’ll find the truth of what happened. We have no idea how many magi there were, let alone if they were kings or not. Whoever they were, they arrived at a house not at a cave!
This is simply an example of where the beliefs of a Christian worldview do not match with the Word of God. If you want to live free from your drug of choice, you must have the truth not tradition. Jesus said in John 8 that putting His truths into practice would set you free. The only way to know whether something is tradition or truth is to Entertain the truth found in the Word of God. I challenge you to make the commitment to get into and read through the Source of Truth, the Bible, in 2013. (See Resources.) Let the Source of Truth, Jesus, talk to you and the Spirit of truth guide you into the truths you’ll need to live free of your drugs of choice.
S“E”t Free Nowww

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