hagarOne of the daily comics, Hagar the Horrible, I read was very insightful.
In the first panel Hagar, who is overweight, is sitting on a stool in his doctor’s office. He says, “Dr. Zook, I’m so out of shape I can’t even walk up a flight of stairs.”
The doctor replies, “Ah-Ha! What does that tell you that you should do?” The doctor was hoping, after all these years, to get his client to lose some weight.
In the second panel Hagar replies, “Sell my castle?”
Do you really want to see the Spirit change your life or do you want to play games like Hagar? How’s your reading and listening to Jesus in the Word coming along so far after seven days? If you’re serious about getting closer to Jesus, you must allow the Spirit to guide you into the truths you need to hear. These truths are found in the Word of God. There’s no sense complaining about the stairs unless you’re willing to do what Jesus, The Doctor, says to do.
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