Forward into Battle

imageimageI want to thank you for being patient as my blog went down again. Can’t imagine why? Today, we were in Caesarea, Israel. I taught about Paul having used this famous port to start his many journeys to share the gospel. The last time he is recorded being here, it was not under ideal circumstances. He was told he would be jailed and treated harshly if he went home. He went anyway. Why? The Spirit told him would face hardship no matter where he went. What was the big deal this time?
He went home, and yes he ended up in jail. He was sent back to Caesarea to wait trail and finally onto Rome to stand before Caesar.
We’ve faced so many trails since we’ve been here. I don’t want to focus on them, but suffice it to say, we’ve been under attack. Yet, this is exactly what Paul tells us in 2 Timothy 3:12 we should expect if we want to get closer to Jesus. We have an enemy that doesn’t want this to happen. He knows as it does our joy and peace will increase and people will see Jesus in us.
As this happens, those around us will start asking questions, which is exactly what has happened. One lady in our hotel asked me who we were while two others (I’m purposefully being vague here), both of whom observed us bringing much needed humanitarian aid, asked, “Your group seems to a have a glow about it. You have so much joy. You laugh. You smile. You have peace. What is it about you?” Our answer? It’s Jesus, which led to us to be able to plant and water some wonderful seeds.
As we learn to use our tools to process life’s trials, we will become more like Jesus, which is Who we want the world to see.
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