Why Do What You Do

purpose of bwvThe reason we live each day using the tools of a biblical worldview is to allow the Spirit to exchange our character with Jesus’, which enables us to stay close to Jesus, the one One who can meet our needs.
Keep that in mind when you answer the following question I was recently asked. “In Bible Impact the Spirit is only working on one area of my life at a time. Does that mean I can intentionally mess around with the other areas of my life?” How would you answer this person?
After picking your jaw up off the ground hopefully you’d answer, “No!” Right answer. But here is the bigger question, “Why is it the right answer?” This is where the purpose for living with a biblical worldview comes into play. I don’t do something for or to get something from Jesus, but to be with Him. I get all I need to be satisfied and to lead a fulfilled life by being in His presence. Why would I ever want to purposely leave?
We think about sin, our drugs of choice, wrongly. We think by doing them we are actually having fun, are having our needs met, and/or are being satisfied. This is the furthest from the truth. And we know it’s true from experience! So why would I purposely choose to leave His presence simply because at this moment He’s only asking for one particular area of my life?
The goal is to become like Him so we can hold onto the One who can truly satisfy. Each moment use your tools to stay close to Jesus no matter what decision you have to make.
“Set Free Nowww”

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