Avoiding Foot in Mouth Disease

foot in mouth diseaseOn Monday here in the US a series of bombs were detonated in Boston, Massachusetts where three people were killed and many were injured. Let’s keep the families who lost loved ones and those recovering from their injuries in our prayers for the Lord to bring them comfort and to draw them closer to Him.
I found it interesting what the “commentators” had to say just minutes after the bombs went off. Some were calling it an act perpetrated by right-wing extremists, meaning someone like those who hold pro-life (anti-abortionists was their phrase) views.
At the same time, others were calling it a jihadist attack as it was done on a day Bostonians observe as Patriots’ Day, which celebrates the first battles fought for America’s independence from Britain.
Same event, two different views based on no factual information at the time these commentators gave their views. How is that possible? It’s the worldviews they hold. It’s the lens that shapes how they view and interpret life’s situations, which then forms the basis of their decisions.
We all have a lens through which we view life. The question is, “What lens are we looking through?” If we want to experience the joy and peace that comes through victory over our drugs of choice, our lens must be Jesus and the Word of God. He said that He is the truth and that His words are true. His way of interpreting life and making decisions, if followed, will set us free from all the negative consequences that come from our bad decisions that lead to taking our drugs of choice, like putting our foot in our mouth.
Let’s wait for the facts before saying who did what in Boston. Let’s pray that the truth does see the light of day and that justice is done. Even more important, let’s all choose to filter each day’s circumstances through the lens of Jesus and His Word. This way we will avoid any diseases that will come from licking our shoes.
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