Consistent Thinking is Crucial

critical-thinkingA well know pastor once said, “You can blame others for your beginning, but how you end is your responsibility and choice.” We don’t know what the sin nature did to our brains. We can’t always remember the contributions, good or bad, others have made to our lives. We had no control over some of the situations we had to endure in the past. Yet, we do have control over our thinking today.
Remember, you will act consistent with the way you think. What you think about yesterday and today will eventually come out in your behavior tomorrow. Your behavior will reflect what you think. It’s time to take an inventory of your thoughts (2 Cor. 10:5). Today, jot down on paper, put in your phone, or wherever you make notes, the thoughts that come across your brain. Then ask, “Do these thoughts line up with the Word of God?” It doesn’t matter who put them or how they got there! The point is they’re in your head and you have the choice to erase them using the truths of God’s Word.
How consistent is your thinking with the Word? The closer they are aligned, the freer you’ll stay.
Se“T” Free Nowww

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