One More Step

one more stepChallenges. We all face them. They make us want to quit walking and wallow in our drugs of choice. Let me share one more story from the Holocaust that teaches us a valuable lesson about putting one foot in front of the other, this time through song.
“There was a Chassidic Jew named Meilich Rubenson who would make a meal after Shabbat every Saturday night. This meal didn’t include any food – there was no food to be had! It consisted of singing. Rubenson would gather a group of Jews together and we would sing this song: ‘God said to Jacob, don’t fear my servant. Have no fear my servant, Jacob. I fear no one but you Hashem…’ It was laughable, a joke! Everyone knew that the Germans were winning the war and there was very little hope for us, if any. But this Jew, with his singing and faith, gave strength and hope to all the Jews in the camp. It gave us the strength to go on.”
At times in our fighting the good fight, the situations we face seem hopeless. Hang onto Jesus, the Light of the World. He will keep shinning light on the next step you need to take. At that moment, it’s time to show your love for and trust in Him by taking that step. It’s that step that takes you closer to freedom. And sometimes, it sure helps to have a tune playing in your head as you do.
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