Who Speaks to You?

Wait 'till you hear thisOne of the activities I love to do while in Mammoth California is to hike and fish. There is one fishing hole where we catch some great tasting trout that’s not on a trail. In order to get there you have to look for markers along the way – a tree here, a rock outcropping there. It’s not always easy to see these markers, so I always go with another person. Hey, there’s enough fish to go around! The goal is to get there and enjoy the fishing, not to wander aimlessly through the woods.
It’s the same with my walk with Jesus. I need real transparent friends who will tell me the truth, especially when I can’t see the markers. My goal is stay close to Jesus, where the good stuff in life is found, not to aimlessly wander around looking for Him. Thus, I walk this journey with other brothers with whom I’ve given permission to speak into my life. I can’t see every marker along the path Jesus laid out. I need others to help me watch out for them. And so do you.
I once heard, “I can walk faster on my own, but I can go further and enjoy it more with someone else.” With whom are you walking this journey to be more like Jesus and have given permission to speak into your life?
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