Authenticity Not Showmanship

authenticI read the following from the self-described “wizard of ads.” He said, “People value information, entertainment, and hope. If you give them these from an open hand and an open heart, they will probably forgive your unattractive, outdated and clunky method of delivery.”
We live in a time where so much data is thrown at us in a very polished and professional format. People can hardly catch up with it all, let alone decipher whether it’s true or not.
What we all want to know is this, “Does it work? Will it make my life better?” You don’t have to be a slick salesperson for Jesus. Let Jesus change your life using your biblical tools and then let people see the change for themselves. What Jesus has done in your life will bring hope and the information they need on how Jesus can work for them as well.
Authenticity, not showmanship, is what people are looking for in believers today. You don’t have to have a bells and whistles testimony that says, “Look at me!” No, be the person Jesus created and is creating you to be – an awesome child of God! Let Him shine through you. And you will make a huge impact on the lives around you.
“Set Free Nowww”

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