Keep in Step

keep in stepWe are told to “keep in step with the Spirit” as we listen to and follow Jesus everyday, everywhere (Gal. 5:25; Jn. 10:27). The Spirit of God sets the pace of this journey. To be honest, I’m not sure how that works. And believe me, simply giving you a Christian cliché will only frustrate the both of us.
You can’t put “keep in step with the Spirit” into a formula; because once you do, you’re back in control of your life, which only takes you back to your drug of choice and its negative consequences.
You’re going to have to develop what I call a “spiritual sensitivity.” I can only relate this to when I’m on a walk with another person. It usually takes a few hundred feet to sync our rhythms. It feels odd until we do. It’s hard to enjoy the walk when we’re pushing each other. It’s almost like we’re fighting each other. It’s the same with our walk with Jesus. We are to get in rhythm with Him.
This is where the truths to “pray continually” and “praying in the Spirit on all occasions” come into play (1 Thess. 5:17, Eph. 6:18). We are to adjust our thoughts, our conversations, and our actions to Him, not the other way around. This takes spiritual sensitivity. You will “sense” the more you know your Jesus when you’re off or out of sync. Don’t ignore this sense! It’s the Spirit helping you get in rhythm with Jesus. You’ll enjoy your walk more and experience more of the good stuff as you get in sync with Jesus.
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