Another Look at Grace

God's graceBelievers sometimes have mistaken ideas about grace. For some it’s used like a get of jail free card. They can do anything they want and God will and has to forgive them.
While it’s true God will forgive us, grace is not the liberty to do whatever we want with the expectation that we’ll be forgiven. Biblical grace is really the God-given opportunity to walk with and come into His presence again, where the good stuff in life is found. We don’t even deserve this opportunity, let alone the ability, as our actions deserve nothing of the kind.
This insight should do two things. One, it should cause our love for Him to increase and make us extremely grateful to Him for even allowing us back into His presence. We don’t deserve to ever experience His love and peace because of our actions. It’s because of His actions that we’re allowed to do so. Secondly, it should cause us to fail forward, not backward. Our actions cause us to fail. It’s because of His actions that we have the biblical tools of freedom to learn from, not repeat, our failures; thus using less and less of God’s grace.
Grace should be used to fail forward, not abused to stay on the sin-confession-sin cycle. “Thank you Jesus for Your grace to become more like You everyday everywhere.”
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