It’s About Your Choices

your choicesYou only control your choices, not others. This is an important truth to drill into your thinking.
We don’t know when Jesus’ knew that Judas was the one who was going to betray Him. Did He know when He first chose Judas to be one of the Twelve or much later? He definitely knew by the time John 13 rolls around. We also know He knew what Scripture had to say on the subject: He would be betrayed by someone in His group.
Knowing this, He could either waste His time worrying about who the traitor would be or spend His time listening to and following His Father everyday everywhere. He chose the later. And so can we. Jesus could only control His choices, not Judas’. And so can we.
The pathway to see our lives changed is to focus on our choices, which is the choice to live by the FREEdom process in the Spirit’s power everyday everywhere. Worrying about what others will or will not do only leads us to repeating the sinful behaviors that destroy our freedom.
Choose to use your biblical tools today. Remember, you only control your choices, not others’.
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