Give the Bag to Your Dad

medical bagOne day a little girl was traveling with her father, a doctor, on a train. While sitting next to him, she asked, “Where do babies come from?” He said nothing for the longest time and she didn’t repeat her question.
When they reached their destination her father asked her to pick up his medical bag. Try as she could, it was just too heavy. Seeing that she couldn’t lift it, he picked it up while saying nothing. Once they reached the train platform he said, “My darling, the answer to your question is like my medical bag. It’s too heavy for you to lift right now. One day you will be strong enough to lift it and I’ll give you the answer then. Do you trust me?” She nodded as they continued to walk, she with her dolly in hand and he with his medical bag.
Stress, a peace destroyer, is often related to situations that we can’t handle at the moment. They are too heavy for us to lift, let alone carry. If we focus on the stressful situation, we’re more apt to use our drug of choice to relieve that stress, temporarily. Give the bag, what ever is causing the stress, to your dad instead of trying to carrying it. Focus instead on what you can do at the moment, which is to listen to and follow Jesus. Then ask Him to give you the strength to do what you can do, which is carry your dolly. Give the bag to your dad and your peace will be restored.
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