Presence Releasing Pressure

release pressureThere is some pretty good theology in the comics at times. In the first frame, Garfield says, “I’m feeling down. Pooky, any words of encouragement?”
In the next frame, Garfield says with a sad look, “No?”
In the final frame, he says with a grin running ear to ear, “Pooky’s just there.” (The Press Enterprise, 10/24/13). Pooky is a stuffed animal by the way. No words were spoken. It was merely the presence of another that brought encouragement.
This is a wonderful example of the importance of walking with other believers. Sometimes all it takes is another person’s presence to encourage us to keep walking with Jesus. At other times, it’s a listening ear that allows us blow off a little steam that keeps us from taking our drugs of choice.
Will you allow someone into your world? If you have, will you pick up your 100 pound phone and make the call when you sense your face turning red? Let someone in. Make that call, today.
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