Today is Time for Change

move to changeWhat are you going to do differently today to draw closer to Jesus? Remember, nothing changes until something changes.
The same old thoughts, the same old words, the same old actions will end you up in the same old place. If you want to end up some where different, you must decide today to do something different.
This is where walking in the Spirit’s power comes into play. Ask Him to empower you to do that something different today. I did this morning. He showed me what to do. I did it. And I did indeed end up in a different place. Victory sure feels a whole lot better than defeat.
Now it’s your turn. Ask the Spirit what you’re to do differently right now so you can end up with arms raised high in victory. It might be instantaneously, in a few hours or maybe tomorrow. But it will never come until you decide to change. How about making that decision today?
Set Free Now“W”w

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