See through the Deception

media controlI love to read spy novels during my vacation. They allow me to be entertained while using my brain in a relaxing manner. In one particular novel, the author used one of his characters to point out that politicians of all stripes spin issues to purposefully manipulate public opinion. They will craft when info is given, where it’s given and how much of it is given to the public.
I thought of our enemy, who does exactly the same to influence our thinking, as I read those lines. He gives us only so much truth (usually that our sin will make us feel good) and then leaks just enough of it at the right moments for us to believe his message. If we don’t filter his message, our lives will only be negatively affected.
We must be listening to the Source of Truth, Jesus, in His Word each day and to the Spirit of Truth throughout our day in order to know where to put our shield of faith filled with God’s truths if we are to see through our enemy’s deceptions.
How’s your listening to and following Jesus skills coming along? 2014 starts tomorrow. Make the commitment to sharpen those skills by using your biblical tools more than you did in 2013.
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