You Don’t Have to Answer

don't answerAdam Brown’s wife, Kelly (I shared part of their story a few days ago) tells how she fought on her knees for her husband. She relates that she prayed for Adam to have strength against his addiction. It “was the only thing that would stop him. I couldn’t forget how Adam would tell me, every time he messed up, ‘It calls my name.’” She was praying that her husband would hear the only voice that could override the other one – Jesus’.
Our drugs of choice do call out to us. They have our number and know where we live. Our enemy wants us to handle life his/our way. Even when things are going smoothly, don’t be surprised when your enemy dials up your number.
Remember, you don’t have to answer! Victory comes through listening to the right voice. This is why it’s so important to live each day listening to and following Jesus everywhere you go. It allows you to filter out all voices but the One that can save both now and forever – Jesus’.
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