Can I Get a Little Perspective Here?

perspective thoughtI heard a story once about a person who had locked their keys in their car. Their cell phone was running out of juice and the company they called for help couldn’t find them. After two hours of this total frustration, they finally thought to call the local fire department. In less than 15 minutes after their rescuers arrived, the keys were back in their hands.
This person thanked the fire fighter profusely and said, “This was one of the worst days of my life.” You can relate, right? You’d probably rate this up there on your frustration list, especially if you were on a tight schedule.
The odd thing about it is this: the person who locked their keys in the car had been home from an actual war zone, where they had experienced much worse, for less than two months! They are in the military.
Seeing the horrors of war and locking your keys in your car? Hmm. I think it’s time to apply our biblical filter. I remember reading a story about a Holocaust survivor. They would tell each other each time something bad had happened to them, “Well, we’re still alive and it can’t get any worse.”
Perspective. Can we get a little of it today? It will make you very thankful for what you have, closer to Jesus and away from your drugs of choice.
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