Forget Leads to Failure

forget me notThese flowers are called Forget-Me-Not. It’s interesting that another name for it is Scorpion Grass, which is quite apropos as forgetting is a great weapon of our enemy. If he can get us to forget what our God has done for us in the past or what our drugs of choice have done to us, we will end up in failure.
The Israelites confessed their sin Nehemiah 9 after having read the Book of the Law of the Lord their God. They praised God in verses 6-15 for all the wonderful things He had done for them. How soon the people forget all this by rebelling against Him and His Word. They repeated this cycle in verses 19-25 where God is gracious and awesome in power only to fail again in verse 26-27.
Freedom comes from remembering God’s greatness, whereas forgetting allows the scorpion to bite! It’s as we remember what Jesus has done for us, how He’s changed our lives and makes us feel as we stay close to him that we’ll continue to experience victory over our drugs of choice.
S“E”t Free Nowww

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