Your Get Out of Jail Free Card!

get out  of jail FREEScience again discovers the Bible knows what it’s talking about. I recently read an article on happiness where the author gave two methods that science has proven to bring happiness. One, filter out negative thinking; and two, connect with a higher power that brings both comfort and peace. Seems like a verse straight out of Scripture, doesn’t it? Well it is. “You (God) will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in You.” (Isaiah 26:3)
As you trust what Jesus (connecting with The Higher Power) says, put His truths into your brain and then actively filter out the negative thoughts vying for your attention using those truths peace will come.
Two especially damaging negative thoughts are called the “Damaged Goods Trap” and the “Mental Prison.” Both of these center around the lie that we’re damaged beyond repair by either our mistakes or what others have done to us. Therefore, we deserve this crummy life we’re living (i.e without peace), which keeps us imprisoned within our own minds, because we’re too ashamed to talk about our past, let alone receive God’s love to be freed from it.
These negative thoughts can only be filtered out with the truth that Jesus is a redeemer. He came to set you free and to repair your broken past. He knows about and died for everything that has happened, is happening, and will ever happen to and/or by you; and yet, He still loves and forgives you! He wants you in His presence where peace reigns. He isn’t called the Prince of Peace for nothing, you know.
No one, including you, is beyond repair or redemption! You can come home where peace reigns. You can be freed from your mental prisons, however small or big they might be, by using you get out of jail free card – Jesus and His Word.
“SE”t Free Nowww

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