Supernaturally Touched Today

touched by GodYou’re touched by God’s love every moment of every day and I’m sure you don’t even notice it. How? God told Adam that if he ever decided to turn his back on God by doing his own thing, Adam would die.
What happened when Adam and Eve finally did it? They experienced something we experience all day long – God’s mercy and grace. Yes, Adam and Eve experienced spiritual death – a disconnection with God. What they deserved, however, was physical death at that time as well.
God out of His great love expressed His mercy by sacrificing an animal to cover up their mistake and His grace by giving them extra time to freely choose to follow Him once again. He does the same for you and me – every second of the day.
How many times a day do we turn our backs on God? More often than we care to recognize. In Leviticus 4, the Israelites needed a make a sin or purifying sacrifice, which was for the sins they didn’t even know they were doing! We are responsible for every action – intentional or not – here on earth and with God.
Our choices deserve both physical and spiritual death the moment we do them. Yet Jesus’ sacrifice not only took care of our intentional sin, but our unintentional turning away as well. We experience God’s love every second whether we realize it or not through His mercy and grace. This should cause us to be extremely thankful as it enables us to stop punishing ourselves and to start walking with Him again.
And since He gives you room to make healthier choices today through His grace and mercy, why not show His love to those around you by extending to them that same grace and mercy? As you do, not only will you be supernaturally touched today, but so will those around you!
“S”et Free Noww“W”

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