Thoughtful Conversations

listen 2WARNING: STOP READING IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE GOD SPEAKS TODAY. I realize that some of my readers may not believe our God speaks to His children outside as well as inside His words on the pages of Scripture. If you don’t, please come back tomorrow. If you do, keep reading.
It took place this morning during my Bible Impact reading time. I was in the middle of the next section of Scripture on my Read the Bible in a Year schedule, which was Ecclesiastes 1-3, when it happened. God started talking to me big time; so much so that I opened my journal to write it all down. He didn’t stop for three pages! I needed to hear every word of it too. Afterwards, I went back to my reading and continued listening to Him in the Word.
A fellow pastor called this contemplative prayer. I call them thoughtful conversations. It’s a type of prayer where conversation goes both ways – between the person and God and between God and the person.
I believe our God wants to talk with His children. And when He does, we end up hearing exactly what we need to hear. Sometimes He speaks wonderful words of encouragement, while at other times His words are full of correction. Either way, I am so glad He does. This secure of child of God grows closer to Jesus because of them.
My next book, “A Personal Walk in the Presence of Your God,” is about the subject of God talking with His children. I pass on some very important lessons I’ve learned about how to better listen to and follow Jesus every day everywhere through prayer walking. You can reserve your copy today by emailing me. My email address can be found via the Resource tab – Contact Info.
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