Using, not Losing, Power

use energyOne lesson we tried to teach our children was to turn off the lights when they were done using a room. At the beginning they would ask, “Why?” Our answer was, “Do you like going to the pool when it was hot outside?” Of course they did. Well, we only had so much money to spend. Did they want to spend it going to the pool or leaving on the lights? You know the answer.
Each day, we only have so much energy to get closer to Jesus. Would you rather use that energy defeating your enemy or wasting it on self-doubt, past/present failures or hurts, worry, or a series of other energy wasters?
Scripture tells us that God loves us…period – no ands, ifs or buts. It tells us who we are – secure children of God. It reveals that we’ve been given everything we need to experience life to the fullest in Christ, right now. It gives us the tools to listen to and follow Jesus, who gives us the ability and strength to work through any issue.
Why waste time on who we’re not in order to get something we already have because of who we already are in Christ? Use your Spirit given energy to move closer to Christ, rather than waste it on going backwards or standing still.
“S”et Free Nowww

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