Who You Listen to Is Your Choice

Jump startIsn’t this true? When you want your drug of choice, it all of a sudden appears, seemingly out of nowhere! Your enemy is not stupid. Just as we have angels helping us (Heb. 1:14), our enemy has helpers as well (Eph. 6:11-12). He’s watching your life waiting for opportunities to help you to fall. And just as Jesus can speak to you (John 10:27), so can your enemy (Mk. 5:9).
It’s our choice who we will listen to – Jesus or our drugs of choice. Keep walking and talking with Jesus everywhere you go. And when your enemy wants to break into that communication, don’t answer! Don’t even let him go to voice mail.
You are a secure child of God who is sitting Jesus’ lap at the right hand of God right now. You have the power to tell him to shut up and get right back to talking about your day with Jesus. Choose to keep listening to Jesus. He is friend.
“S”et Free Nowww

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