Bother Someone Today

umbrellaIt’s been said that life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain. I agree with that statement, though I’ve also learned that it sure helps if someone can hold the umbrella while it rains when it’s hard to dance!
Yet, we have a hard time asking help…period. We have an even harder time asking for help from those who we feel have it all together. The truth is that no one has it all together! Everyone is in process and needs help from others to walk in the rain. It’s our weaknesses that draw us together, not our strengths.
I constantly hear from believers when it’s raining, “I don’t want to bother anyone.” For crying out loud, bother someone today! Victory in this life comes only through walking with other believers and being transparent with someone who will then pray for you (James 5:16). We need people in our lives to hold the umbrella when it rains.
Want victory today? Go bother someone by asking them talk to Jesus about and for you! An umbrella is only a text, email or call away.
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