Security is Foundational

solid rockThe Secure because I’m God’s child biblical tool is foundational to every decision we make throughout our day. If we boil all our decisions down to one driving force it’s this – happiness. We all want to be happy – to feel good about ourselves and the world around us. Where we turn for that happiness then, is crucial to how secure we’ll be.
This is born out in the Imposter Syndrome. It’s a phrase coined in the 1970’s by researchers from Georgia State University. It describes a person, who although has garnered much success, feels that all could be lost in the blink of an eye. A very successful woman exemplified this when she said, “I can speak in interviews so confidently, but I have days when I come home and say ‘I am terrible at my job. Why can’t I work at Starbucks and have my 9-5 job and come home and not think about it?’”
Success based in insecurity leads to an unstable world. It’s been said, “Ego can drive us to places where our character can’t handle it.” How many “successful” people climb the hill only to throw it all away – either because they didn’t feel they deserved it, their character flaws were terribly exposed or the top of the hill simply left them empty?
The foundation upon which your “success” stands is crucial. Is it you or Jesus? It was Jesus who said that if we build our lives upon Him and His teachings, our lives will be built upon a secure foundation – one of rock not sand. We are truly secure when we know who are – secure children of God – and where we go to meet our needs – Jesus. Therefore, living each day with the truth that I’m a secure child of God is foundational to all our decisions.
A secure child of God listens to Jesus because they love Him and trust His judgment on all life’s issues. A secure child of God follows Jesus every day everywhere because they realize only He can meet their needs. When a secure child of God listens to and then does what Jesus says they will experience joy (a happiness that goes beyond circumstances) regardless of how their decision turns out. Their success is now built upon Jesus, the Rock. He deserves the credit. My flawed character is exchanged with His solid character, which brings satisfaction both here and later.
My friend, today, burn who you are into your heart and mind: a secure child of God because of what Jesus did for you, not what you do for Him. Keep listening to and following Him and that secure foundation only gets more solid – no matter where you work for a living.
“S”et Free Nowww

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