Exercising the Truth is not a Cliché

cliches“It’s all in God’s hands” is not a cheap cliché; and, it’s certainly not an excuse to do nothing either. I recently read a great explanation of this truth, “It is not an excuse to do nothing; it is a reason to do what the Father would have me to do, confident that He will guide my weak hands to do what I cannot do in my own strength.”
It’s a truth that goes to the core of faith – trusting God’s way will work as I know mine doesn’t. When we say that we’re trusting Jesus, we’re letting our brains know that our way of thinking has failed us; and now, we’re trusting that His way will bring victory and fulfillment.
When we say we’re exercising the truth, we’re saying that we’re putting our lives in God’s hands. We’re saying that we’re expecting His Spirit to empower us at that very moment to do what Jesus is telling us to do. It’s not sitting back and doing nothing. No, it’s an action step of faith in God’s way of thinking by trusting that we’re assured of the results of that action step, as life truly is in His hands.
So, go ahead and put your daily life, with all its situations, into your God’s hands. He will strengthen you to do whatever He’s telling you to do in that particular moment, which will bring guaranteed victory.
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