Individuality Doesn’t Work

conformityIndividuality is over rated and is so not true. Those who want to look different simply end up looking like someone else. You can see this truth in a popular comic strip. It had a sign in the window that read, “Show your individuality, pick one of these popular tattoos.” Be different by copying everyone else!
Trying to be an individual is what gets us into trouble. Being a secure child of God, who is uniquely made, is what brings victory. You were given a unique nature and mind the moment you put your faith in Jesus – Christ’s. You were given purpose and meaning the moment you were born again. You were given a task specifically made for you, though it may be extremely difficult and painful (e.g. our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world), the moment you became a secure child of God.
Why try to look like someone else, when you’re a truly unique child of God? Why try to be an individual that copies others, which is only a means to fit in, when you already “fit in” as a child of God? Stop the stressful life, which leads to your drugs of choice, by thanking God for who you already are!
Victorious living starts when you realize what it means to be a secure child of God who appreciates what Jesus did for and in you; and then, who makes daily decisions to stay close to Jesus – the only One who can truly bring pleasure in an often painful world.
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