Change Only Comes by Giving up Control

Control-Give-It-UpAs humans, we think controlling our world will make us feel better about ourselves and guard ourselves from hurt. We also believe that living each day by a set of rules that we can accomplish, even Christian ones, will give us the peace, love and security we seek. This, however, is the furthest thing from reality. It’s not how God set up this world.
God started off this human experiment with only four rules – 3 positive (rule, subdue, multiply) and 1 negative (leave the Tree of Knowledge alone!). In other words, Jesus meant for Adam and Eve to live each day in a conscious walk with Him. They were to talk with Him throughout their day, especially about situations they didn’t know how to handle, which with only four rules, would mean everything!
A few years back, I felt Jesus telling me not to drink any soda for a year. I wasn’t drinking it every day, or even every weekend, but I sensed Him telling me not drink it at all. Is there a chapter and verse on soda? Nope. Where, then, would I get this thought from if it’s not in Scripture? Jesus through relationship.
God used this request to “fast” to change my life and encouraged others to do the same. Yet, none of this would have happened if I had stayed in control of my life through living by a Christian code of conduct, which by the way didn’t exclude drinking soda.
It’s time for a reality check. Isn’t being in control what gets us into trouble in the first place? Furthermore, isn’t it what others do to us, which is totally out of our control, one of the sources for our bad decisions?
The reality is that control is an illusion. I’m not nor can I ever be in control of my life. The reality is that there is only One who really is in control and who can turn my bad choices and those of others out for His glory – Jesus (Rom. 8:28).
If you want to experience peace that will blow your ability to understanding it (Phil. 4:7), you must give up your sense of control. If you want to see your life changed, you must get beyond the illusion to the reality and choose to listen to and follow Jesus throughout your day. That choice is truly the only thing you can control! Will you use it to choose Jesus?
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