In What State Do You Live?

Negative-to-PositiveEveryday we live in either a negative state or positive state by our own choice. It was once thought that a negative person was born that way. It was as if some people were naturally upbeat and others were not.
This is simply not true, especially for the believer. What do you we have to positive about? Jesus! We are safely in two sets of hands all day long – Jesus’ and the Father’s. He has given us eternal, not temporary, life. He is greater than any enemy that we’ll ever face and He goes with us everywhere we go. He’s given us all the authority we’ll ever need to fight, even the unseen world. So again, what do we have to “rejoice in the Lord always” about?
Research study after research study shows that those who live in loving relationships improve physical health. One showed that a stressful marriage can be as harmful to the heart as a daily smoking habit. We don’t always get to choose our thoughts, but we do have control over what we will do with them. We can squeeze them out like putrid water in a towel or let them soak, which only leads to negativity and our drug taking.
You are a valuable and secure child of God. It’s time to choose to have a positive outlook. The negative ramifications are simply not worth it.
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