Selective Amnesia

moving-forwardI was taking a break this afternoon and decided to watch some football. The announcers talked about how bad a certain quarterback had played the previous week. I mean it was awful, really awful.
They asked him what he was going to do this week. His answer? “You have to have a short memory to play at this level. You can’t bring last week into this week or you’ll play terrible again, which could cost you your job.” The announcer described it this way, “You’ve got to have amnesia. You must forget the bad game in order to concentrate to have a good game.”
This is true for the believer as well. Though we wish for only good days. The reality is that we do have some stinkers as well. We must remember went right so we can repeat it and forget the bad through getting forgiveness in order to focus on Jesus and victory today.
God covers our mistakes with Jesus’ blood. He doesn’t remember them. Why should we? We’ve got to learn to have selective amnesia┬áby forgetting what lies behind in order to press on towards becoming more like Jesus. It’s the only way to a brighter victorious today.
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