Squeeze that Sponge – Get in the Barrel

barrelOur minds are like sponges. They soak up information, some of which needs to be squeezed out so that our lives don’t end up stinking. This follows the admonition of Scripture to “throw off everything that hinders” so we can “run the race” set before us.”
Yesterday, we talked about doubts (see yesterday’s entry). Today we’ll squeeze out another putrid thought: the fear of failure as it can paralyze us from experiencing who Jesus is and what He can bring to our lives.
In reality, though, it’s not failure that we fear. It’s the results of failure that hold us back: a bruised ego, embarrassment, what others might think, not getting to that next rung on the latter of success, etc.
None of that matters, however, if we remember one thing: We are a secure child of God in Christ. By actually doing what Jesus asks, the outcome boils down to one issue: trust. Can following Jesus actually deliver the love, peace, security and significance that we’re looking for in life?
A world famous trapeze artist crossed Niagara Falls while rolling a barrel. He asked the audience, “Do you think I can do it again?” The crowd roared it’s approval. He asked, “Do you believe that both the barrel and I will safely cross the Falls, even if someone is inside that barrel?” Again, the crowd roared it’s approval. He asked one last question, “If you believe that I can safely cross with a person in the barrel, who will get into the barrel?” You could hear a pin drop.
Following Jesus will get us safely across that chasm of fear. Bruised ego? By doing what He’s asking us to do, we’re getting rid of, not protecting or building up, our ego, which is what gets us into trouble in the first place! Embarrassment? If we’re doing what we’re doing for the only One who counts, Jesus, He’ll be smiling and saying, “That’s my girl/boy! I’m proud of you!” What others might think, again, who cares? There is always someone who will criticize you no matter how great you do something.
“But, what if I mess up?” Does that change God’s opinion of you? No, He loves you the same. Will He beat you up? Nope, He’s there to give you hand up. Will He give up on you? The answer again is, no, as He already knows the exact moment when you’ll get it right anyway, even though that might be months away.
Your God loves and believes in you…period. In reality there is no failure in Christ. There is only failing backwards (not learning from it) or failing forwards (FREEdom processing it). Trust is the answer to overcoming the fear of failure. What do you have to lose, your pride? I think it’s worth giving it up to gain something you’re longing to experience – the results of living Jesus’ way.
“S”et Fr“EE” Nowww

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