Squeeze that Sponge – Give it a Rest!

pinballToday we’re going to get rid of one last stinky thought – over-analyzing, the art of making a mountain out of nothing, let alone a mole hill; so we can successfully “run the race” God has for us.
People give us a “certain look” and we think they hate us. A friend compliments us; and then, we start wondering why they said it or what they want. We make a comment to our spouse; and then, begin telling ourselves they didn’t believe us. You know the drill. All theses thoughts start banging around inside the walls of your mind like a pinball. What does it get you? Down, discouraged…and deceived!
Admit it. You don’t know what the other person is thinking, feeling or their motives for doing or saying anything they do or say. Yet, you allow what you don’t know or what think you know to steal your joy and open the door to your drug of choice.
It’s time to get rid of those pinballs using your FREEdom tools. There is only one voice you should be listening too and it’s none of those banging around inside your head. Use your biblical tools to listen to the only One who counts – Jesus. How would He talk to you? Don’t know? Listen to it in the Word of God. What does He think of you? Don’t know? Get into the Word to memorize specific truths you’ll need to fight off your enemy’s lies. The Spirit knows the battles you’ll face with it’s ensuing lies. He will prepare you for victory with the truths you’ll need.
Here’s a wondrous truth to use in filtering out those banging thoughts: If it helps you become more like Jesus, keep it. If it draws you closer to your drug of choice, squeeze it out. Stay focused on anything that builds you up. Squeeze out anything that brings you down.
Give your mind a rest. You’ll feel the joy and love of the Lord as you do.
Set “FREE” Nowww

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