An I Exercise

Young couple run together on a sunsetIt’s time to exercise. Count how many times you use the word “I” and “me” or any combination of these pronouns and time yourself while doing it to see how fast it takes you to get to 100.
When you’ve reached 100, filter the time it took you through Jesus’ statement that we are to listen to Him and follow Him (Jn. 10:27): how much time do you spend thinking about and listening to yourself rather thinking about and listening to Jesus?
2 Corinthians 10:5 states we are to “demolish arguments and every pretension (the “I” problem) that sets itself up against the knowledge of God.” We are to tear down anything and everything that stands up to Christ, including ourselves. This exercise will help you to be honest with yourself. You, like me, probably think about yourself way too often, which if you are honest with yourself, is your major problem.
After exercising use the FREEdom process to start counting to Jesus faster than you do yourself as He is the solution to all our challenges.
Set “FREE” Nowww

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