Talk And Walk the Walk with Jesus

walk talkI subscribe to a wonderful newsletter edited by a self described former rabbinic student, who is still very active in his orthodox Jewish faith. I say that only because it has bearing on today’s entry. It takes financial resources to keep newsletters like his operational. He rarely asks for money, but this is a season for both Christians (Christmas) and Jews (Chanukah) to think about giving financially.
He received the following email from one reader. “Why would I donate to something with the name ‘Jewish’ in it?” Now here is the damning part, “You are not of my faith. I’m a Christian and Jesus is my savior.”
I about threw up all over on my screen! What a great Jesus story presented to someone who more than likely has a right to have a hard time with the name Jesus. I wrote an apology to the editor. Apparently I wasn’t the only one.
He writes, “A number of readers wrote in the last few days. They wanted to assure me that the letter I quoted from a rather obnoxious individual describing himself as a Christian didn’t in any way reflect them personally or normative Christianity. As a member of a religious minority I, for one, am particularly sensitive about not judging groups based on individuals. But even more than that, over the last 17 years I’ve learned much about Christians. Among the most crucial: There are those who identify as Christians and then there are those who live as Christians. And there’s a huge difference.”
People are watching your life! I encourage you to talk and walk your walk with Jesus. How? Live each day with your biblical filter in the “on” position to screen out all the voices vying for your attention in order to listen to and follow Jesus in your daily life. There is tremendous power in a changed life. Please, let the Spirit change your life. You won’t be the only one to benefit from it.
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